The Traveler can bring free, either on the train or on the bus, the neck of a weight not exceeding 10 kg and no larger than 75x50x25 cm.

Each package in excess, up to a maximum of two bags per traveler, is subject to the payment of the one-way ticket. With the exception of travel to and from the airport because it is allowed to transport luggage even exceeding the limits of the deductible.

Luggage can be transported, providing they are placed in the reserved boxes, not disturbing or damaging other Travelers, not preventing the service of the staff and do not damaging the means of transport.

It's not allowed the transport of dangerous objects or excessively bulky, by uncontestable decision of the train crew.


Bicycle transportation is free. The ticket price issued for bicycle transportation is all depending from Regione Puglia.

The bicycle transportation on trains is allowed:

  • on all trains for folding type models, with and without the use of the bag, provided they are no larger than a 70x110x30 cm and as long as they do not cause harm or discomfort to other travelers.

The owner of the bike is required to personally carry out the loading and unloading of the bike, according to the requests and warnings of company personnel, and is responsible for damage caused to their own and to others' bikes, to staff, rolling stock and other third parties.

In addition, the Traveler must not stand on the platforms hindering the ascent and descent of the other Passengers.


The user who wishes to travel with bike must turn to the Chief Train to receive instructions on the port to be used for the loading operations and for the regularization of the means of transport; in the event that the Chief Train for lack of posts, authorizes the transportation of the bicycle, the user can allocate his bicycle in the special racks in the stations and stops, or wait for the next train used to transport bicycles.

The transport shall be permitted, in the limit of seats available in the racks, if any, or in the spaces dedicated; transportation is admitted on the basis of a bicycle per passenger on all trains identified by the Company and not more than the maximum number allowed.

It is not allowed to transport the bikes in cases of organized groups in greater numbers to the availability of places.

Access to trains carrying your bike on using only the door marked by a special symbol, if present.

During the transportation, do not leave valuables or luggage on bicycle's spaces used for carriage.

The bike musts not interfere or disturb the exit and/or entry of Travelers and/or staff operator.

Children under 12 can get onto the trains with bike only if accompanied by an adult.

It's advisable to reach the station a few minutes before the scheduled time, to load in comfort the bike.

Owners of bicycle must follow any instructions given by the personnel directly or through speakers. In case of overcrowding of the cars, owners of bicycles may be invited by the train crew to wait for a next convoy.

In case of emergency or otherwise in case of need for evacuation of trains, bicycles must be left on board or in the event of withdrawal from the stations in appropriate places not interfering with other Travelers. If recoverable, will be returned to their owners upon presentation of travel documents and a personal document.

The infringements relating to safety and regularity of the year established by the DPR 753/80 are subject to the payment of the administrative penalty established by the DPR itself.

Ferrotramviaria does not conduct custody and, therefore, does not guarantee against damage or theft of bicycles left in the stop.


Whether on the train or on the bus is allowed free transport:

  • of small dogs, as long as they wear a muzzle and leash, or, if very small, to be held in her lap, in a ratio of 1 for every Traveler;
  • small pets kept in special containers weighing not more than 10 kg and not larger than 75x50x25 cm. The transport of these containers is regulated as luggage transport, to which chapter you are referred.

It is not allowed to transport large animals, except guide dogs.

The Traveler who is blind or visually impaired have the right to be accompanied by their guide dogs in his travels on all means of public transport without having to pay for the animal no ticket or penalty tax (Law No. 37 of February 14, 1974).

In any case, the transport of animals is permitted under conditions that impede their free movement in the middle.

In no event shall the animals can occupy a seat.

The pet owners are responsible of animal behavior and to put in place all necessary precautions to ensure they don't disturbe other Travelers. In fault, may be turned away from means of transport, at discretion of the train crew.

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