In order to reinforcing and improving the service, Ferrotramviaria has started trade agreements and partnerships that allow greater and even more convenient usability of our services by users.











Following the agreement signed between Ferrotramviaria and Ferrovie Appulo Lucane, has been activated the issuance of the integrated single ticket that is valid for both transport companies, on railway lines combined by the two managers.

- The integrated single ticket can be purchased near the ticket offices, self emittings and the points of ticket sale of the two managers;

- the cost of the integrated single ticket is equal to the amount of the cost of the ordinary ticket emitted for the two distinct routes of Ferrotramviaria and Ferrovie Appulo Lucane;

- can be purchased in advance of the date of use;

- is valid to take, in the only valid day and during all the same day, only one travel on the route indicated on the ticket;

- it must be always validated and obliterated before the trip;

- for the integrated single ticket purchased for the travels from/to Airport, there is no need of obliteration, because the ticket will be be canceled during the transit through the passages in stop Aeroporto;

- the integrated single ticket issued by the network sale of the two managers, has the same feature on size and on general characteristics.

About travel conditions, specified on the back of the ticket, there are valid on every manager's route the respective conditions by the respective regulations, about the validity and the time travel.

Shortly, there will be active the sale of the integrated single ticket also on our internet site.









With just one integrated single ticket you could travel between Apulia, Basilicata, Nord Barese, Airport and the city of Bari. All of this it's possible thanks to the European Project  ETCP Greece – Italy 2007 – 2013 “Gift 2.0”

- The ticket can be pourchased in all the 110 ticket offices of Fal and Ferrotramviaria, including the ''self emittings''

- The cost of the integrated single ticket is equal to the amount of the cost of the ordinary ticket emitted for the two distinct routes of Ferrotramviaria and Ferrovie Appulo Lucane, but if you have to take also AMTAB the price will be 1€ more (for 75 minutes ticket) or 2,20€ (for all day ticket)





Ferrotramviaria has started a convention with the headquarters of Arma dei Carabinieri, Polizia di Stato, Polizia Penitenziaria, Guardia di Finanza and Corpo Forestale di Stato, in which is specified that all public officers of the above enforcements also not in uniform and that travel on the Ferrotramviaria's trains and on the substituive bus races of the railway lines (AS races), they can take advantage of a 60% discount on the weekly, monthly and yearly subscription. The convention is not valid for the purchase of one way tickets, one way ticket back and for the tickets from/to stop Aeroporto.


Rules for purchasing subscription

The public officers of the above enforcements they can purchase the weekly, monthly or yearly subscription with the special discount at every ticket sale point of Ferrovie del Nord Barese, showing the form “Richiesta abbonamento a tariffa agevolata agenti Forze dell’Ordine” duly completed together with a copy of the identity document and upon presentation of the identification card of the respective headquarter.


Presenting to the train conductor

Before getting on the train, the public officer, except all those wear a uniform, must inform the train conductor about their presence on train. If the train conductor is not instantly available on the platform, then the public officer must attempt to contact him. All public officers that are not observing this rules, they will be considered without travel ticket and the train conductor can intervene depending on the rules and regulations.

Obligations of the public officers on the trains

Once on board, the commitment of the public officers is to intervene in the prosecution of offenses in general and, if necessary, at the request of staff in the middle, or on its own initiative if they consider the need, they can take action to combat violations provided for in Titolo II of the DPR No. 753/1980 (for example, launching objects from the window, operated emergency brake, dirting cars, unauthorized sale of goods on train). The staff of the train may require the intervention of public officers they are on board to verifying people identity and/or interventions for the maintenance of public order.






In accordance with the ministerial circulars and resolutions of Regione Puglia, during election period, are issued travel documents at reduced rates, to travel on the trains and service automotive replacement holiday (AS races), in order to facilitate voter turnout both on the part of the voters residing in the national territory and those living abroad.

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