Using public transport services on the territory, the travellers are entitled to the following rights:

  • security and tranquility of the journey;

  • continuity and certainty of the service, through a rational integration between different transportation mode;

  • real time updates and easy availability of timetables that must (possibly) be integrated and coordinated with any other means of transport necessary for the completion of the travel;

  • easy access to information on the travel arrangements and fares, both in stations and on public transport;

  • real time information about the continuation of the travel by other vector (if possible) in case of abnormality or accident;

  • respect of the travel time of departure and arrival at each bus stop programmed path;
  • hygiene and cleanliness of vehicles and stations;

  • efficiency of ticket machines and monitors for public notices, lounge room (or environments) equipped with heating, seats, toilets, etc.;

  • recognition and traceability of the staff and employees during the travel;

  • correspondence between the purchased services and those actually provided;

  • reduction of waiting times on ticket sales and information;

  • opportunity of becoming acquainted before the likely waiting times;

  • no smoking duty on bus, trains, open spaces and other public locals;

  • easy accessibility to the complaints procedure and quick response to them (not exceeding thirty days).

The traveller has the following duties must be respected:

  • do not climb on the means of transport without ticket;

  • do not occupy more than one seat;

  • do not sully and will not damage walls and furniture accessories;

  • do not smoke;

  • do not have behaviors such as to cause disturbance to other people;

  • do not carry objects among those classified as harmful and dangerous, without complying with the restrictions or directions set forth by the Company;

  • do not use warning signals or any other emergency device, except in case of serious and imminent danger;

  • diligently comply with all requirements and formalities relating to security controls;

  • strictly comply with the instructions and regulations issued by the Company and the information received from the company staff;

  • use the transport infrastructure following the fixed rules - respecting the regular living rules - without compromising in any way the safety and service levels for himself and for all those who travel together.

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