Ferrotramviaria in the area north of Bari since 1937. Since then, its history has been characterized by continuous development and growth.

In 1965, he opened the year the railway line Bari-Barletta, Bari, which connects major municipalities in the north of Bari: Bitonto, Terlizzi, Ruvo, Corato, Andria, Barletta and the district of Bari Palese with two stops on the periphery. Winds along a path length of 70 km of electric line, single-track section on the Bari-Fesca San Girolamo and Ruvo-Barletta, and double track on the stretch Fesca San Girolamo-Ruvo. At the same time, the automotive service network develops a 128.50 km long and is done on path parallel to the railway, from Bari to Barletta, connecting the centers of the North of Bari already served by the railway.

Awareness of increased responsibility with regard to the end user, the need to provide a service that meets expectations and increasingly responsive to the requirements of regularity and safety has led the company to launch the Quality Management. A process which, since 2004, has led Ferrotramviaria S.p.A. to acquire certifications of great importance and value, that qualify not only the company, but the same service.

From 2008, Ferrotramviaria S.p.A. is engaged in a concrete project development, modernization and strengthening of its service territory.
Starting from the project for the Metro Train San Paolo, which connects the residential San Paolo central area of ​​the city of Bari, thus ensuring the direct link to the San Paolo Hospital. A retrieve that allows 45,000 inhabitants in 11 minutes to reach the center of Bari and amenities of the city.

In this great project combines the creation of new intermediate stops on the routes already exist, such as the one inaugurated in Via La Pira in Bitonto, and the doubling of the railway line between Ruvo di Puglia and Bari, on the Bari-Barletta.

The Railway Link to the Airport, however, begun in 2008, is the construction of a new light rail line that allows direct connection to Bari Airport, making it a true international hub. Operation that has great impact on the regional capital itself, triggering the creation of the first functional interoperability in the railway junction of Bari Adriatic line with regional lines. The trains of Ferrotramviaria S.p.A. arrive from the airport, in fact, directly west of the square on the fifth track of the station of the Ferrovie dello Stato.

Ferrotramviaria S.p.A Direzione Generale Trasporto
Piazza A. Moro, 50/B - 70122 Bari

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