Our website has been designed with the aim of improving performance and ensuring service for the highest number of users possible, following the national and international guidelines for accessibility. For this reason the website has been created on the basis of the WCAG 1.0 guidelines included in the WAI international standard set by W3C, as well as the control points of the ‘Technical Audit’ defined in Law no. 4 of 9th January 2004 “Provisions to support the access to information technologies for the disabled” (The Stanca Act).

The result corresponds to the following summary indications:

  • absence of frames and nested tables
  • presence of alternative contents for non-textual objects (such as images and icons)
  • presence of important and speaking texts, to show the presence of hyperlinks
  • possibility of including text and graphics, even though they are displayed without a colour
  • possibility of using assisted technology videos control of colour matching and the relation between the information content and background, which should always been discernible
  • adaptation of the textual contents of a page to the size of the browser window, without overlapping or loss of information
  • absence of alternative windows (pop-ups or new pages), unless upon notice to the user
  • employment of stylesheets for content formatting
  • alternative display of pages, in case of a browser which cannot use scripts, applets or other objects
  • presence of Access keys (to activate links through keyboard or voice commands, without using the mouse) for links to pages from which it is possible to access all sections of the site.

If web surfing is performed by inhibiting the ‘client-side scripting’ function, the content usability will always be ensured.

Access key
It is a key combination to ensure access to the site main pages or to the sections of a page where there are important elements for the usability of the information included in the page you are surfing. Only state-of-the-art browsers support this feature. The combinations of keys for the use of access keys can change according to the browser and operating system. Generally, you should press the key suggested in the list below together with ALT and/or CTRL. In some modern browsers you only need to press the suggested key. Refer to the manual concerning the corresponding browser to know the right combination of keys needed.
The sections that can be accessed by means of an Access key are the following:

  • H - Home Page. To come back to the homepage.
  • O - Company. To get information on the Company.
  • N - News. To display recent news and notices.
  • U - Hours and Routes. To get information on timetables.
  • R - RFID card. To request the train season-ticket card.
  • E - Services. To display the services offered.
  • I - Media Gallery. To display videos and images concerning the Company activities.
  • S - Suppliers and Tenders. To get information on announcements, tenders and to apply for the List of Suppliers.
  • P - Projects. To get information on projects under way.
  • D - Documentation. To consult the documents in the site.
  • C - Contacts. To get information or to contact our offices.
  • M - Map. To display the list of site contents.  
  • A - Accessibility. To display this document.
  • Y - Policy. To display the Privacy Statement.
  • L - Access. To access the services for registered users.
  • G - Registered office. To get contact information.
  • T - Credits. To get information on the website designers.

The keys to be activated are automatically detected under the heading Rapid links (Access Key) when the navigation menu is read by state-of-the-art voice synthesizers.

The following sections of the site do not fully comply with these criteria:

  • Home > Media gallery
  • Home > Timetebles and routes

The site has been tested by using the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 16,  Safari 6 and GoogleChrome.

Ferrotramviaria S.p.A is working to constantly improve the level of accessibility of all the sections of the website. In case of problems and/or suggestions linked to navigation and the services offered online, please contact us at

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